The Lord's Supper, Mingle With The Best


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“This book is very inspiring. Many of us don’t really understand the Holy Eucharist, and this book explains it quite profoundly.”

—Karen Jones | Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

“Edifying! I am deeply amazed by how much information this book has. It definitely motivated me into being the best—into being like Christ.”

—John Fuller | Lancaster, Pennsylvania

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About the Book

The Lord’s Supper: Mingle with the Best expounds on the meaning and the blessings of the Eucharist. It discusses various important layers of meaning, but more importantly, it tells readers how they can be transmuted into beings much like the Christ.

Those that truly partake of the Lord’s Supper will be “mingling with the Best”—the Father and the Son. The mingling will cause much of the best to rub off on them. What rubs off will make them grow and glow, not only in this present age but also in the eons to come.

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About the Author

Thomas Lupich is the preceptor of the International Society of Seekers of the Truth. He is a retired electrical designer from Princeton University’s Plasma Physics Laboratory and a Taiji instructor who is interested in science and health.

He is very interested in biblical truth and considers himself a truth seeker—an avocation that he recommends to all men.

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In the human organism, there are backup systems galore for every area of our physiology. For example, we can get nutrition from various sources and in sundry ways. So is it with our spiritual body. We have already described how spiritual nutrients are transmuted out of good works. We also know that He abides within each and every one of us where, if we have the ability, we can listen to His still-small voice and, thus, garner additional nutrition. But the metaphorical Lord’s Supper, as we have tried to show, is an outstanding sure way for garnering that which we spiritually need. Ingesting Him on a regular basis makes us more apt to grow spiritually, enabling us to do better works while developing a greater sensitivity for hearing His voice.

The Lord's Supper represents our ingestion of our Lord's essence: His words, ideas, love, wisdom—THE TRUE BREAD OF LIFE. The Lord’s Supper assists us in remembering that our divine relationship to Him as Creator and Earthly Sire and that His blood runs through our veins. The Lord’s Supper makes us mindful of our duty to labor for the meat that doesn't perish—His Spiritual substance—where life always abides. The Lord’s Supper makes it exceedingly clear that it is intended to be a very powerful and frequent reminder and exercise toward the end that we MUST merge into Him and He into us. As we stated earlier,

Without this merger, there is no eternal life. For eternal or everlasting life IS NOT A GIFT per se; it is simply THE NATURAL CONSEQUENCE OF EATING THE ALLEGORICAL BODY AND BLOOD OF OUR LORD, which is tantamount to INGESTING HIS SPIRIT. Eternal life occurs NOT AS A SUPERNATURAL PHENOMENON OR A HOLY GIFT but simply as the result of having the Christ abiding in us. HE IS THE LIFE!

ETERNAL LIFE, therefore, IS SIMPLY HOLDING HIM and honoring Him in our bosoms ETERNALLY.

Finally, let’s hearken to this counsel:

Carlton Fredericks, the famous American nutritionist, had a slogan: “You are what you eat [and drink]!” Jesus made that simple inference 2,000 years ago when he gave us the Lord’s Supper. He simply wanted His children to be like Him. The inference is very clear: “EAT ME AND BECOME ME! Eat and drink my essence, have it become part of you and you will become like me. In so doing, you will thus enjoy the patriarchal blessings and retake your true nobility and will come to reign with me. Become my ‘twin.’” Jesus put it another way in the apocryphal Gospel of Thomas:

Jesus said: Whoever drinks from My mouth shall become as I am and I MYSELF WILL BECOME HE, and the hidden things shall be revealed to him. (Logion 108)

So, beloved, when we drink out of that ONE cup at the Lord’s Supper, we drink of that ONE Spiritual blood; we make ourselves ONE with Him and with each other. It binds together the Godhead and His Body, unifying us in a single organism, the way that it was in the beginning and the way that it shall be in the days to come.

With this type of participation in the Lord’s Supper, we will have done more than mingle with the Best. We will have become part of the Best. May God’s Best be yours!

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